About us

Anyone using plastic welding technology should know PPW Perfect Plastic Welding, because we connect everything

The PPW-team has decades of experience in the field of plastic-joining technology, in addition to ultrasonic- and laser systems we also offer friction welding systems. Besides, we provide applications in the fields of hot gas welding, induction welding and thermoforming.

If you use plastic welding technology nowadays, you really should know us, because we will take you to your aim of connecting.

Due to our experience and expertise regarding all aspects of joining technology, we offer an extensive and targeted application-oriented consulting process to our customers. We provide a consistent support that takes into account all steps of a project– starting with the development phase, the construction process, right through to a series production.

Our focus is always on your personal and unique welding task, which we aim to complete by taking into consideration all relevant aspects as well as choosing the perfect welding process.

We are familiar with all relevant welding processes in practice today. Besides ultrasonic- and laser systems, we also offer friction welding systems. Furthermore, we have applications for hot gas welding, induction welding and thermoforming.

We always give neutral advice to achieve the optimal result.

We provide corresponding high-end welding systems from well-known and renowned companies for all processes mentioned. This transfer of expertise and the competent implementing due to our excellent cooperation partners guarantee our customers the highest process reliability and profitability. We offer the optimal solution for all applications, from tools and small machinery to complex special systems.

Do you have a challenging welding task and seek professional support?

We are available for a personal on-site consultation and would be delighted to receive your company’s inquiry. For your questions, messages and suggestions please use our contact form. Thank you very much!