Laser welding

Laser welding is suitable for a wide range of industries and extremely diverse applications. Our Partner has developed various concepts to offer the optimal solution for every application. The potential of this technique can therefore be brought to bear in every situation. Leister offers systems for contour welding (or path welding), simultaneous welding , quasi-simultaneous welding as well as mask welding . The latest developments from Leister also advance your innovation. Radial welding joins rotationally symmetric components without moving them. Furthermore, the GLOBO clamping concepts developed by the facilitate three-dimensional laser welding for the first time.

As well as allowing 3D welding, this technique can also be used to weld large 2D areas. In 2D welding applications, there is also demand for linear welds with broader welding seams. This can be accommodated using the roller welding technique.

Special optical components known as diffractive optical elements (DOE) can be tailored to the specific laser weld-ing process. These optical units are used with various techniques, from contour and quasi-simultaneous welding right through to simultaneous welding. They change the shape of a spot laser beam in order to produce a power density distribution that is suitable for the application concerned.